By Bits doesn't just create insurance technology - we’re providing the means for insurers and insurtechs globally to deliver compelling new propositions and supercharge their capabilities. We're also the creators of the UK’s first real-time pay-by-mile car insurance policy, together with By Miles.

By Bits and By Miles have insured more than 100 million miles, managed tens of thousands of policies, served more than 100 million quotes and worked with some of the biggest insurers in the world. That’s how you know we’re not another upstart wannabe – we’re the industry authority.

Our company history

By Bits and By Miles, both part of the By Miles Group, share the same board and are working together to revolutionise the global insurance landscape.

James Blackham and Callum Rimmer started By Miles in 2016 to deliver fairer and more flexible pricing as the UK’s first pay-by-mile insurance offer, and latterly, the world’s first connected car policy (using data directly from vehicles through partnerships with the manufacturers).

In 2020, they spotted an opportunity to further develop the leading edge proprietary technology that has led By Miles to success, to give other insurers the next-level advantages they need to satisfy and surpass consumer expectations. They called the solution By Bits.

When What
Sept 2016 Launched
Mar 2017 100 car pilot
May 2018 Sold first pay-by-mile policy
Feb 2019 Insured 1 million miles
Aug 2019 Insured 10 million miles
Nov 2019 10,000+ policies sold
Dec 2019 Sold the World’s first Connected Car policy
May 2020 £20 million investment
Sept 2020 Insured 50 million miles
Dec 2020 Launched
Jul 2021 50,000+ policies sold

Our team

As board members of the By Miles Group, James runs By Miles as CEO and Callum runs By Bits as CEO. We have made the decision to keep the executive teams separate between By Miles and By Bits to ensure By Bits is in the best position to meet our tangential challenges.

James Blackham and Callum Rimmer

As a team, we are comprised of internet entrepreneurs, data scientists, and software and insurance experts, and together we combine our knowledge and expertise to develop innovative insurance solutions that champion speed, agility and flexibility. We are always looking for exceptional talent to join us.