How to meet your customers’ insurance expectations now

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  • The Impact On Insurers
  • The Solution
  • 3 Things You Should Do Right Now
  • Your Implementation Timeline

Elon Musk has sent shockwaves across the industry, launching direct motor insurance for Tesla customers. If the insurance industry doesn’t start changing now, Tesla’s latest move will have a number of consequences.

How we can help

You’ve got 6 months to get ahead, future-proofing your business by the
end of 2022.

The best way to use the time? Choose the By Bits platform, with maximum impact to your customers and minimal disruption to your operations.
Consisting of our rating engine, policy engine and user app, it’s a reliable, budget-friendly way to take usage, mileage and other variable factors into account:

  • Deliver integrated pay-by-mile policies without overhauling legacy tech.
  • Avoid costly disruption and the need for complex internal developer resource.
  • Easily adapt to new, varied data streams with our UBI rating and policy engines.
  • Flex and evolve over time with an app-based platform and API integrations.