Explore our rating engine, policy engine and user app to find out how By Bits can help you:

  • Deliver integrated pay-by-mile policies without overhauling legacy tech.
  • Avoid costly disruption and the need for complex internal developer resource.
  • Easily adapt to new, varied data streams with our UBI rating and policy engines.
  • Flex and evolve over time with an app-based platform and API integrations.


Your demo will explore:

  • What, How, Why? - about us, what we offer and why you should choose UBI.
  • App Demo - functionality including a chatbot demo.
  • Policy Management System Demo - business side policy system with full functionality and telematics information overview.
  • Rating Engine Demo - Overview of dashboard detailing data tracking functionalities/ reports, pricing mechanism functionality, including factors, schemas, import/ export functionalities, publishing.

Choose the By Bits platform, with maximum impact to your customers and minimal disruption to your operations.

We've insured more than 100 million miles, managed 10s of thousands of policies, served more than 50 million journeys and worked with some of the biggest insurers in the world.