The By Bits platform is agnostic to where journey data (or usage data) comes from, and can consume OBD II data, connected car data  (i.e. direct from the car) or mobile app generated data. The platform just needs to be informed of the journeys as they happen.

The POST /journeys endpoint consumes encoded polylines and will automatically generate the route, duration, distance, and start and end points. This can then be used to calculate usage premium as well as render journeys within a mobile or web application.

//Example Request 
    "url": "",
    "headers": {
        "client_secret": "11111-22222-33333-44444",
        "client_id": "11111-22222-33333-44444",
        "environment": "production"
    "method": "POST",
    "data: {
        "route": "g{xiIb`aS??NkAYQYOo@UcA]??a@W",
        "start_time": 1599567165,
        "end_time": 1599567165,
        "policy_reference": "apple-orange-pear"

This will then generate a journey against a policy. This journey will be aggregated in a statement - see Generating a Statement.

// Example Response
    "policy_reference": "apple-orange-pear",
    "journey_reference": "8177b676-2656-486f-8c5b-7e7e99c9fa06",
    "provider_reference": "1234rtywert12334",
    "policy_version_reference": "adbce-23456-fghij-78901",
    "usage_premium": 10.04,
    "usage_rate": 0.04,
    "start_lat": 54.20941,
    "start_long": -1.535539,
    "end_lat": 54.20941,
    "end_long": -1.535539,
    "total_kms": 13.9,
    "total_miles": 123.4,
    "distance_in_metres": 1300,
    "distance_units": "miles",
    "route": "g{xiIb`aS??NkAYQYOo@UcA]??a@W",
    "start_at": 1599567165,
    "end_at": 1599567165,
    "is_void": "-",
    "start_name": "W86DJ",
    "end_name": "L211AR",
    "start_postcode": "DN21 5SJ",
    "end_postcode": "DN22 5WD"

Integrating with a telematics data provider

By Bits can offer development support integrating with connected car aggregators like SmartCar, Otonomo, Hide Mobility etc., as well as integrating with any OBD II provider (we currently support Redtail, TrakM8 and Teltonika out the box).

Our mobile app is already configured to capture journeys directly using the telemetry within a policyholders mobile phone.