If you are using the admin dashboard, here is how to use the email template area.

Step 1. Know your Sections

The email template area is made up of a few different sections that deal with certain aspects of the templating process. Make sure you are familiar with what roles each of these play before diving in and making changes.

Email Template Area


The HTML section is responsible for the content of the email. This includes wording, branding and whatever else you might want to include.


CSS is used for the styling and layout of the content.


This is where you can preview the email template. Make sure you hit save template to apply changes you have made before reviewing how the email will look here.

Step 2. Moustache Templating

Understanding Moustache Templating is key to building your email templates. This is a logic-less syntax. It works by expanding tags in a template using values provided in a hash or object.

Hello {{proposer.first_names}},

As seen above, simply prefix and suffix the different fields of your policy data objects to dynamically access your customers credentials. For more information on the use of Moustache templating, visit the link bellow.


For a list of the all the additional fields available to be used on each template as well as an example policy object, see https://www.bybits.co.uk/articles/email-template-fields/

Step 3. Send Test Email

Once you have made, saved and previewed your changes, you may want to send a test email to see exactly what it will be like for your customers.

Simply put in your email address and click Send Test. This will notify you if it has been sent successfully and if so, visit your email to see the result.