Usage-based ready

Real-time data from either mobile, OBD II, connected car or odometer readings to calculate usage.

App store enabled

Ready to be deployed to all mobile stores or deploy as a web application.

Self-service experience

Reduce operational costs and streamline your internal processes with self-serve adjustments and a fully digital workflow.

Integrated payments

Take usage payments hassle-free with a ready-to-go payments solution already integrated.
Features Standard Enterprise

Secure authentication

Fully configured customer authentication flow to keep data secure

Real-time notifications

Keep customers engaged with push notifications to their mobile device

Stay 100% digital

Automatically generated policy documents are downloadable from the app

Usage visualised

Display customer journeys with detailed journey information

Self-serve adjustments

Allow a customer to manage changes to their policy anytime via an integrated chatbot

Integrated payments

Take payments directly from customers using an integrated payments platform in the app

Keep customers in control

Display a policy feed to customers to show the entire history of their usage and interactions
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