AI ready

Host AI trained models and/or GLM models that make usage-based rating easy.

No developer needed

With our straightforward syntax language and easy interface, you can write, test and deploy models fast and without a developer.

Scaleable and swift

Get quotes in milliseconds, with the power to scale to hundreds of millions of quotes a day.

Only pay for quotes priced

We're flexible to your demand and distribution channels and only charge you for the number of quotes that are priced.
Features Standard Enterprise

Flexible pricing structures

Create annual, usage-based and subscription pricing

Intuitive user experience

Build and modify models in the By Bits dashboard with a simple syntax

Publish in one click

Publish models in seconds with one click

Scale to your requirements

Serve prices millions of times a day across all your distribution channels, including aggregators

Build, test, publish

5 minutes to change, test and deploy new rating versions

Analyse in real-time

Have complete visibility of pricing performance with a wide-range of insights

Manage your pricing offline

Import and export with CSV or JSON to update your prices

Serve prices instantly

Average pricing response time less than 250ms

Integrate easily

API-first means easy integration with KYC and third party enrichment services

Every box ticked

Deliver prices, exclusions, defaults, refers, excess and endorsements
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